CCB Banding (Cold Air Conveyor Belt)

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CCB Banding (Cold Air Conveyor Belt) Empty CCB Banding (Cold Air Conveyor Belt)

Post by sroc4 on Tue Mar 10, 2015 8:00 am

For those who want to know a bit more about what a CCB is as well as the CCB bands that develop. Here is the visual. Obviously these are not all the same storm. But you get the picture.

The air in the cold air conveyor belt (CCB) travels underneath the air associated with the warm conveyor belt. This is the basics of a warm frontal boundary. With a strong intense LP to the NW of the LP the CCB banding sets up. This is because there is enhanced lifting mechanisms in this zone. The enhanced lift in these zones can lead to very heavy banding of precip. That's the simple version. I provided a little more technical version below the images:

CCB Banding (Cold Air Conveyor Belt) <a href=CCB Banding (Cold Air Conveyor Belt) Images11" />
CCB Banding (Cold Air Conveyor Belt) <a href=CCB Banding (Cold Air Conveyor Belt) Sat_111" />
CCB Banding (Cold Air Conveyor Belt) <a href=CCB Banding (Cold Air Conveyor Belt) Gfs_pr12" />

"Air in the cold conveyor belt originates in the lower troposphere of the downstream anticyclone(low pressure) and passes underneath the warm-frontal zone . Thus, the warm front separates the warm and cold conveyor belts. Potential vorticity(spin) is created in the cold conveyor belt beneath the area of latent heat release in the ascending warm conveyor belt. The increasing potential vorticity(spin) within the cold conveyor belt is transported westward toward the lower-tropospheric cyclone center. As demonstrated by Stoelinga (1996) and Rossa et al. (2000), the diabatically( latent heat released)-generated potential vorticity can enhance the cyclonic circulation about the surface cyclone without appreciably affecting the location and overall structure of the cyclone.
Since any precipitation generated within the warm conveyor belt must fall through the cold conveyor belt, the temperature and humidity of the cold conveyor belt can play an important role in controlling the type and amount of precipitation reaching the surface."

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CCB Banding (Cold Air Conveyor Belt) Empty Re: CCB Banding (Cold Air Conveyor Belt)

Post by billg315 on Sun Jan 17, 2016 11:54 am

With the upcoming storm POTENTIAL, there has been a lot of chatter about CCB's and deformation zones. So sroc's post here is a good read for people not familiar with that meteorological terminology. I think this link is also good:
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