October 2011 snowstorm

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October 2011 snowstorm Empty October 2011 snowstorm

Post by Math23x7 on Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:17 am

It was five years ago that we had a snowstorm....in October!  I remember the old 7-online chat board going nuts when this happened.  We were tracking it in the days leading up to it but I don't know if many of us could even comprehend the possibility given the time of year.  Once the snow commenced, Frank posted his updated snow map with the word "Unbelievable!" at the end of the thread title.  But alas, after this (2.9") only 4.5" fell the rest of the 2011-12 snow season.

Also the fact that many trees still had their leaves made for widespread power outages.  I was a student at Manhattan College at the time and my dorm building lost power.  Fortunately they had a backup generator which worked for that night, although that meant that by late morning the next day, we were out for about six hours.  Even though we were fortunate that we got it back by the afternoon, some in the northeast we out for much longer than that.

I know this is not the best quality, but this just goes to show you what happened from this storm.

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