Scotland/Ireland trip

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Scotland/Ireland trip

Post by Math23x7 on Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:19 am

In a few days, I am set to go on a trip to Ireland and Scotland, where we will be visiting relatives. This would be my first trip to Europe (and I am set to be 27 this coming week). Looking at the long range model projections, it looks like Western Europe will be under a trough at least through early July, resulting in overcast skies with highs near 60. Then again, it not surprising. As my father once said: “If it’s not raining in Dublin, it’s about to.”

Do you think that this will continue all the way through July 10th (the day we are set to come back)? Also, the flight there is scheduled for this Thursday evening at JFK airport. What are you seeing for that time frame regarding weather conditions?

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