Francesco, better known as Frank, is an avid weather hobbyist who created the NJ Strong Wx forum in January 2013. His fascination for weather began as a young child and stayed with him through his life. By watching various weather outlets, reading online blogs and scholarly articles, and participating in numerous weather forums where he can interact with Meteorologist's; Frank has self-educated himself to be a tremendous forecaster who brings expertise in the long range, winter weather, and climatology. Frank graduated Rutgers Business School of Newark in December 2014 with a major in Supply Chain Management. One job position he held for about one year involved being the lead Northern NJ regional forecaster for Eastern PA Weather Authority, LLC. He provided daily forecasts, worked with Chief Meteorologist's to deliver accurate weather information, and utilized social media to relay breaking weather news and up to date weather reports; especially during Hurricane Sandy, of which the team accurately predicted to hit the east coast over one week out in time.

Frank's objective for NJ Strong Wx is to bring accurate weather information to the NYC Metro region while also creating a learning environment for other fellow weather enthusiast's. He hopes one day he can take what he studied in school and combine it with Meteorology to help manufacturing companies achieve accurate demand planning of their products.