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NJ Strong Weather Forum Rules & Regulations

1.Be respectful to one another. If you disagree with someone, debate in a professional manner. Constructive criticism is meant to help you get better, remember that! Attack the idea, not the poster.

2.Refrain from excessive profane language. Especially directed toward another member. It could result in suspension, and in repeated cases, expulsion.

3.No bashing of professional Meteorologists. This job is not easy.

4.If you take the time to do a blog, or write-up, start your own thread. Do not post in the daily discussions threads because sometimes your work will go unnoticed.

5.If you choose to use an image for your signature/avatar, make sure it is appropriate.

6.Stay on-topic, at ALL times! Unless you're in the off-topic thread.

7.Multiple accounts will result in automatic banishment. If for whatever reason you need another account, private message me in detail why.


-1st offense will be a private message sent toyou as a general warning

-2nd offense will be a 3-7 day suspension, depending on what the wrongdoing was

-3rd offense is a permanent ban to the forum