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Yankees 2015 Season

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Post by CPcantmeasuresnow Wed Oct 07, 2015 9:54 pm

I went to the game last night and I am as frustrated as anyone, but a couple of observations.

The crowd was fantastic and the place was packed. People were standing and cheering when every Astros batter had two strikes. Through 7 innings we cheered like mad for a team that could only produce 3 hits and 2 walks, I've never seen a crowd cheer that loud cheer for a team that can't hit.

The Yankees have a lot of good young talent. Didi at short is a phenomenal fielder and is turning into an above average hitter, he made some plays last night that were acrobatic. Bird should be the third baseman for the next 15 years. Refsnyder is just learning second base this year and he's already a decent fielder. He will be a 280-300 hitter with 15-20 homers. Give him second base next year and leave him alone. Don't resign Drew, he's a nightmare.

They have to work Heathcott into OF next year and Aaron Judge the year after. Young a nice reserve but don't re-sign him, let Heathcott be the 4th OF next year.

We lose a lot of expensive aging, some might say useless, vets over the next two years. Beltran at 15mm and Texiara at 22mm, both are gone after next season. Arod at 20mm, CC at 25mm and Gardner at 13mm the season after.

Mateo, Judge, Gary Sanchez, Mitchell there's a ton of young talent waiting to take their spots and if we could move one or two out before their contracts are up that would be even better.

Enough for now, still depressed even though I knew last night was going to be exactly like it played out.

I can't root for the METS it's just not in my DNA, but there are a lot of good people on this site that do, and to them I wish good luck.
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